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Flower club members celebrate over two centuries of combined floral appreciation

A Whitchurch flower club has honoured six members of their group who have, between them, clocked up over more than two centuries of floral appreciation.

SHREWS COPYRIGHT NATIONAL WORLD PLC TIM THURSFIELD 29/02/24.Members of Fauls Flower Club in Prees, Whitchurch, have been recognised as six ladies have clocked up over 250 years with the club. They are pictured with members of the committee..

On Thursday, a celebration took place to honour six members of Fauls Flower Club in Whitchurch.

Two members of the group were celebrating over 50 years of membership, while the other four were being honoured for over 25 years.

The group meets once a month, 11 months of the year, for talks on plants, flowers and gardening, afternoon teas, lunch and outings.

The thriving club was formed in 1952 and has continued to buck the trend of flower clubs around the country that are facing closure.

Flower club secretary, Rose Mustoe, said Fauls was still a "flourishing flower club" 72 years on.

"Quite a lot of flower clubs closed, I supposed due to the pandemic and funds and lack of people to run it, but we have 56 members so it's still quite successful."

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