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TV vet bowled over by Shropshire cat rescue in latest episode of Rescue Vet

Shrewsbury's "cutest cat retirement village" got a visit from This Morning's vet, Dr Scott.


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Dr Scott Miller, who is the resident vet on ITV's The Morning, declared Bayston Hill's Shropshire Cat Rescue the "cutest cat retirement village" when he visited them recently.

The team at the rescue centre welcomed Dr Scott at the beginning of March when he visited to film for his new YouTube channel, Rescue Vet.

During a tour of the centre, the vet met 21-year-old Cat the cat - the centre's oldest moggy - and a handful of the other 19 elderly cats living out their golden years in the retirement village.

Shropshire Cat Rescue welcomed Dr Scott Miller for the filming of his new show, Rescue Vet. Photo: Rescue Vet/Youtube

"It's certainly nothing I've seen before," he said. "You've given these older cats who had no future a lovely end to their life... it's a wondrous place, you can really see that the cats seem really happy."

After leaving the retirement village, Dr Scott was greeted by the affectionate deaf and blind three-year-old cat, Johnny. Johnny was found on the streets as a six-week-old kitten and has been in rescue centres ever since.

Dr Scott and three-year-old, Johnny. Photo: Rescue Vet/Youtube

After the tour, the team set him to work checking over the feline residents.

Battling a runny nose from a surprising cat allergy, Dr Scott's first patients were new arrivals, five-year-old Winston and four-year-old Dotty, who recently arrived at the centre with poor skin due to flea allergic dermatitis.

The pair had been surrendered to the centre after their owner had become unable to cope for medical reasons.

The team put Dr Scott to work in the clinic. Photo: Rescue Vet/Youtube

After checking over a couple of the centre's residents, it was the turn of deaf and blind Johnny on the examining table.

After diagnosing the cat with neurological issues, Dr Scott praised the centre for the care they had given Johnny: "I think what's so amazing is what you've done to help," he said.

Despite his medical issues, Johnny loves being outside, so the team take him for two walks a day on a harness - which Dr Scott happily helped out with.

Dr Scott happily took Johnny on one of his walks. Rescue Vet/Youtube

After the release of the episode last week, a spokesperson for the centre said that they had been overwhelmed with the reaction.

They said: "The support for the retirement village in the comments has been overwhelming and very positive with people sharing stories of their senior and super senior cats.

"It is so lovely for our volunteers' hard work to be appreciated so openly and for people to have a peep into what goes on at Shropshire Cat Rescue."