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The Big Debate: Pineapple on pizza

It’s a subject that has divided food lovers for years – does pineapple belong on a pizza? Dan Morris and Heather Large argue it out...

Are you in the pineapple camp, or for you is 'Hawaiian' just hell?

Dan Morris: A match made in heaven

Pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza. Let yourselves go, people - nothing says ‘joie de vivre’ like tinned fruit on a deep pan base!

I find it hard to believe in this day and age that there are many folks who haven’t given it a whirl. But, if you are one of said few, in the immortal words of Stranger Things’ Argyle, ‘try before you deny, my dudes!’.

The truth is, I discovered the joy of the Hawaiian pizza quite late in life, but as a long-time lover of sweet-and-meat, I find ham and pineapple a match made in heaven.

Yet, this classic combo need only be the beginning. Fruit offers a whole world of other pizza toppings ready to be explored. Try peaches – you’ll never go back.

All you have to do is be brave enough to open the door and, trust me, you will enter a world of pure imagination the likes of which even Willy Wonka couldn’t, well... imagine.

Let pineapple be your gateway to a fascinating world of tantalising topping delights, and get yourself a Hawaiian ordered today.

The truly nervous can douse the worrisome fruit with hot sauce of course, but be brave and you’ll never look back. Not for nothing does the history of pineapple on pizza go back all the way to 1962.

The Hawaiian has been a diner favourite since it was created in Canada over six decades ago, and long may it reign.

Grab a slice and lap up that fruity goodness – you’re missing out.

Heather Large: There's so much more out there

Now I’ll admit, straight away, that for years, my favourite pizza was a Hawaiian.

I thought the salty, smoked ham, melted cheese and tangy tomato was a great combo.

It was always my first choice, I didn’t need to look at the menu, I would order it without a glance at the other options available to me.

But nowadays I stay clear of this tropical twist on one of the nation’s favourite foods.

It’s always been a contentious topping choice, with good reason, standing out like a sore thumb amongst the meat and vegetables options.

I’m not against fruit with meat, chicken with mango, turkey and cranberry, pork and apple and lamb with redcurrant sauce, all work wonderfully well.

And probably would on a pizza too, thinking about it...

After sampling some excellent thin crust and deep pans in recent years, I’ve realised there is much more to pizza than pineapple.

It’s time for this tangy fruit to step aside and let some other toppings have a spot on the menu.

There are some amazing pizzerias in our area serving up really imaginative and tasty combinations.

And sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a simple and classic margherita with tomato, fresh bazil and mozzarella.

Pineapple, you’ve had your day, it’s time to let some other toppings shine.

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