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Dave Edwards: If referees couldn't agree whether it was a penalty against Wolves - how could we?

They say refereeing decisions in football even themselves out over time – that has not been the case in Wolves’ situation.

Wolves players question the penalty decision by referee Josh Smith for handball

They have been on the wrong end of a lot of VAR decisions, and this is yet another controversial one.

I was at the game, I was commentating and I possibly called it wrong at the time. But I still do not quite know the exact rule.

I had the privilege of having the VAR comms in my ear, so I could hear what they were saying and as the penalty was given straight away I thought it was extremely harsh.

As there was a deflection I assumed VAR would look at it, but from what I hear then is because his arm is in an unnatural position the decision is going to stand.

I tried to relay that in my comms, that the rules say it is a penalty.

The response I got from fans took me back to the days of being a player, I got a lot of abuse and it prompted me to look back over it.