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Dave Edwards: Paul Hurst thinking big in his pitch to improve Shrewsbury

Football is all about marginal gains.

Paul Hurst (AMA)

Paul Hurst came out and said he feels the pitch is a little too small and he will be looking to make it bigger to suit how his team wants to play next season.

There is potential for the pitch at the Meadow to be really big and Sam Ricketts wanted it bigger when he was in charge, to play high and wide with wing-backs.

That can really work in your favour when you have the ball, but when you don’t have it and you play against the better teams, it can become quite challenging.

Steve Cotterill came in and he wanted the pitch a lot smaller to make Town more competitive. It allowed them to get closer to players and I think it really worked.

For Hurst and the style of play he wants, a bigger pitch will suit Town in possession.