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Shrewsbury Town plan 'risky' pitch change ahead of new League One season

Shrewsbury Town are going to make their pitch at the Croud Meadow bigger ahead of the new season, according to head coach Paul Hurst.

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The sun sets over the Croud Meadow home stadium of Shrewsbury Town (AMA)

It has been talked about by fans a lot in recent times that the playing surface at Shrews' Shropshire base is smaller than it has been in the past.

The touchline is well in from the advertising boards that go around the perimeter of the stadium.

But that will not be the case heading into the new season according to Hurst who says he noticed the pitch was smaller and will be adjusting it in the off-season.

"The first time around, as soon as the season finished, we made a decision to make the pitch as big as possible, we want to do that again.