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Dave Edwards: Shrewsbury made their point but there are worries off the field

The game against Bristol Rovers – is it a point gained? Is it two dropped? We will not know until the end of the season.

Jack Price of Shrewsbury Town celebrates after scoring a goal to make it 1-1 (AMA)

The Oxford game had plenty of positives. I thought that was a decent point as that is always a challenging game.

The main positive to come out of it was that Jack Price scored that wonderful goal – it shows what he can bring to the team. Once he recovers from that muscle soreness, he is going to be really valuable for those remaining five games.

He is not known for his shooting, but what technique it was to guide the ball into the corner. That was a nice moment and you could see how much it meant to him as well for someone who really loves that football club.

The results around them might indicate the draw against Bristol is a point gained because they have increased that gap, but you would probably have looked at that game as one of the remaining fixtures where you could get three points.