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Former Shrewsbury captain Luke Leahy booked for bizarre reason

Former Shrewsbury Town captain Luke Leahy was given a yellow card in Wycombe's mid week clash with Bradford City for a bizarre reason.


Leahy left Salop in the summer to join the Adams Park men.

He was involved in Wanderers' 1-0 victory over Bradford City in their Bristol Street Motors Trophy semi-final on Wednesday night.

But five minutes from the end of normal time Leahy was handed a yellow card - with many bemused as to why.

Now it has been confirmed that he fell foul of a new EFL rule.

Leahy took the ball and used a steward's coat to wipe the ball - that went against new regulations brought in earlier this season.

Rules state that any material or drying garment used to wipe the ball prior to a throw-in is not allowed to be used, as it is seen as giving a team an unfair advantage.