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Former Shrewsbury favourite Mat Sadler ready to step up with Walsall

Mat Sadler is desperate to give Walsall fans something to shout about - and believes his prior knowledge of the club helped land him the role.


Sadler, who took over as interim manager at the end of last season following the dismissal of Michael Flynn, was officially handed the job on a full time basis last week.

The former defender, who had two spells at the club as a player before becoming a coach, insisted his short stint in charge at the back end of the season strengthened his desire to take the job on full time and he is desperate to give the Saddlers faithful something to shout about.

On being handed the job, Sadler said: "I was naturally pleased, it was something I have given everything for. It was an enjoyable end to the season, and it only strengthened my view that I wanted to do the job long term.

"When Ben (Boycott) phoned me it was a very proud moment and now I want to get down to work.

"I have got the unique perspective of any of the candidates interviewed, I know the club better than anyone else.

"I had that perspective, I know what is good about what we do and what we can improve on.

"The fans are desperate to get behind something on the pitch. I'll be working tirelessly to bring that to them, bring their football club to them, something they can get behind.

"Hopefully they can see that when the football starts. When the stadium is rocking it can be a hell of a place and it can be powerful to give something to get behind.

"We need to give them something to cheer about, and I am desperate to do that."

Sadler's first task as Walsall boss was to release a number of the current squad, with players such as Liam Kinsella, who has enjoyed a long association with the Saddlers', leaving the club.

The new Walsall boss revealed how he is working closely with the club's board, and Trivela Group's Vice President of Global Football, Matt Jordan, to identify 'quality new signings', as he looks to build his squad for the new campaign.

And alongside that, Sadler spoke about creating an identity and a culture at the club.

He added: "We need to create an identity of who Walsall are, how we view ourselves from the inside and ride with that and believe.

"I think it has been the case that the club has moved from person to person who had their own ideas, the moved on from that for whatever reason.

"For me and the club, it is creating an identity and Ben (co-chairman) at length about that few weeks ago in his message, and that is how we all see it.

"We want to create a culture and an identity. It won't happen overnight, we need to make that happen overtime, and it is important to say what we want to do."