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LETTER: Criminal justice system failing

How disturbing was the recent feature by Nick Humphreys on the sad state of Shrewsbury.

Darwin's Gate, Mardol

In fact it’s not just the town centre, crime is becoming evident in other areas of the town and is taking route in other market towns as evidenced by reports on this website.

Nick observed the merry-go-round of arrest, court, release-reoffend. Of course even where jail would be the only realistic option, they are full and unlikely to succeed with any rehabilitation with release after half the sentence (probably weeks) to return to the same life that got them in.

Such is the shameful state of the whole criminal justice system that fails to protect the public, act as a deterrent or rehabilitate those within it... and costing billions to do this.

Of course that’s the fate of most of our public services and when someone is held to account, what you’ll get is a mission statement or an assurance to ‘learn from mistakes’, declaring how improvements are being made by a ‘route and branch’ overhaul.

Mike Crump, Bridgnorth

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