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LETTER: Painful issues with phone calls

With reference to GP appointments, I had, and still have a pain issue, so after over a week I rang and asked for appointment face to face, this was on August 2.

A GP at work

Although I was in pain, no appointment was available until August 15, but I could have a physio chat on land line on August 7 to which I agreed as I know the GP had tick boxes.

I thought I would hear what they were going to tell me to do is exercise, even though they had never seen me, know nothing about me, and may give me exercises that would do more damage. This physio is in London, when there are physios at Ludlow Hospital, the Wellbeing Centre and Mayfair, Church Stretton, one day a week I believe, great isn’t it?

I stated I wanted this call on a landline as I have no signal in the house my on mobile.

I was clearing up, then the phone rang three rings and stopped before I picked it up. When I got downstairs I had two missed calls on my mobile so they had tried mobile. So on the third try I think they were fed up and just let it do a four rings.

Carol Prince, Craven Arms

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