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LETTER: Don’t delay the start of work on town relief road

There are now sound economic and environmental reasons to press ahead with the North West Relief Road as the situation has changed over the last four years with the large increase in housing stock to the south and west of the town.

An artist's impression of how the North West Relief Road would look

The expansion of the commercial areas in Harlescott and Battlefield is to be welcomed as they provide employment opportunities for the new households and also much needed revenue for the council to provide essential services to the local community. The need then arises to find transport to and from work as there is no direct bus service and cycling or walking would be impractical and dangerous for most.

The only practical solution at the moment is car travel and there are various routes all involving increased congestion in and around the town, having a negative impact on air quality for residents.

The country lanes to the north have become a rat-race, and the damage done to these roads and verges by heavy traffic is quite considerable.

The three-mile-long NWRR would solve all these problems and improve air quality while reducing fuel consumption for motorists. Car travel is not going to stop for the foreseeable future and ALL goods for shops and homes will have to come by road. A well-planned transport network is essential to the prosperity of the town.

Government funding is available for this project but this would be withdrawn if it was cancelled so it is imperative to make a start as soon as possible before costs increase further.

Gordon Wallach, Shrewsbury

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