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LETTER: Be masters of our own destiny

It’s a shame the person who wrote the ‘Make Britain Great Again’ letter doesn’t have the courage to put their name to it!


Have they forgotten that the democratic vote was in favour of leaving the EU and although it took three Prime Ministers over six years to finally achieve the will of the people, Boris did it! They also seem to have a short memory.

It was a Labour government who left the note on the incoming Chancellor’s desk saying there was no money left in the treasury.

I don’t think the Tories have got everything right and backstabbing their leader who won them a massive majority was a big mistake but Boris had more to deal with than any other Prime Minister ever.

As for wanting Keir Starmer in office, well words fail me! This is a man who is unable to think of a solution to a problem but is so quick to criticise the government. He also doesn’t seem to know what a woman is either. Well this woman certainly doesn’t want him and his disastrous party in power thanks very much.

The only way to make Britain great again is to become masters of our own laws, borders and destiny, not to go back to being Europe’s poodle.

Linda R Euston, Bridgnorth

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