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LETTER: Renewables can reduce fuel bills

Last weekend eight householders in the Strettons opened their doors to the public to show what can be achieved by adapting the fabric of a building and by using renewable energy. As families across the country face real hardship, with enormous rises in the cost of fuels, on top of generally rising prices, is it not time for the government to take serious steps to make life better for the whole population, as against leaving it to a few committed individuals with the necessary resources?

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Solar panel on a red roof

A real push for renewables – solar, wind and tidal – which are now the cheapest energy sources, is the way to reduce household bills, and guarantee supply. Secondly, investing in retrofitting existing housing would make an enormous difference, both to bills, to comfort, and to demand. And finally, is it too much to ask for all new developments to be built to higher standards, using renewable energy and with proper insulation? Climate justice is economic justice. A change in approach is required.

David Howard, Chair, Stretton Climate Care, Church Stretton

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