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LETTER: Risk of putting signs on islands is not worth it

I could hardly believe what I was reading! Roundabouts are already cluttered with masses of written information – some would say too much but drivers obviously need to know where they are going.

Example of an advert on a roundabout

I’m one of the lucky ones in that I can read quickly, but I’m aware that many need more time to read – I’ve taught a few of them.

I watched a ‘Police Interceptors’ programme that demonstrated the potential results of even a brief distraction from the road and it wasn’t pretty.

Negotiating roundabouts requires full attention to the road and the actions of other drivers.

Ideally there should also be as little as possible to impede the view of approaching traffic – bushes and trees may be attractive and ecologically desirable, but can make it difficult to know whether it is safe to proceed. “I’m sorry I crashed into you – I was reading the advertisements.”

Heaven forbid!

Please, councillors, think again; the risk is too great to be worth the advertising revenue.

Rosemary Milns, Cockshutt

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