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LETTER: Country has changed, but not for the better

A reader discusses the UK.

A protester from Insulate Britain stands on a police van

Has this country gone mad? All I see is anarchy, from people blocking traffic, most of whom seem to be on benefits, stopping other people from working and paying taxes, so they get their benefits!

They are breaking the law, and should be arrested immediately. People “working from home” who I see walking around supermarkets, or retail shops, obviously conducting business.

One man had a laptop propped up on the child seat of his supermarket trolley.

Anti vaxxers who read stupid and incorrect information on social media, without vaccines half of us wouldn’t be here.

Foreign companies who made billions from the water companies in this country not investing in the sewerage system, so our rivers and seas are having sewage pumped into them.

So much for privatisation. Scammers who think it’s ok to confuse and frighten the elderly into handing over their life savings.

This country has changed, and not for the better.

Valerie Amos, Bowood

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