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LETTER: Space flight has brought benefits

A reader discusses space flight.

Space shuttle Discovery lands at the Kennedy Space Center

Our modern day Prince William possibly following in Daddy's supposed carbon free footprints, declares that the cash spent on privately funded space tourism should be spent helping the poor and soon to be drowned population of earth rather than holidaying in the stratosphere or whatever sphere the latest somewhat phallic shaped vehicle might traverse.

Most of current widely used technology especially the much vaunted solar panels so loved by Greenies is a direct result of inventions which originated due to space flight. Modern day vehicle technology not only benefits from that but also improvements made to cars via motor racing. Also, whilst I do not advocate this, our modern world and many of the benefits we enjoy have come from war time inventions..

If as he says, he wants to improve the lives of the underprivileged , perhaps William might think before he opens his mouth.

The same might apply to his father. We can all pontificate if we are in a position where we can afford to bring in uneconomic methods or expensively grown food into our lives. For instance, Charles's Dutchy Originals do seem to be a quality product but this stuff is sold at quality prices. Perhaps he might ponder on the fact that not all can afford his prices

I'm all for any attempt by royalty being an example to us but please make your ideas practical to the millions struggling to make their way and seeking cheaper means of existing and do not disparage man's inherently inquisitive nature eg space flight which has brought so many benefits to all mankind.

Alan Etheridge, Dudley

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