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LETTER: Other ways to generate cash

A reader discusses cash.


During the pandemic the government has spent a great deal of money (and rightly so) to help our citizens through hard times. Now that we are hopefully returning to some kind of reality it is time to fill the coffers. I personally feel that the way they have done this penalises the less rich members of society. One area this has happened is increasing the National Insurance tax, I believe there are other ways money could have been generated. As a result of us leaving the EU I feel we have more chance to use our laws to do this.

In my opinion it is time for all to pay their fair share of income tax. How could we achieve this, by ensuring everyone is taxed using the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system, with their tax being deducted monthly or weekly.

This would see the government getting money each week/month, without having to borrow. Anyone receiving more than £150.000 per year should be paying 45% in tax (after allowances) why should they get away with not paying their fair share. The way they pay now they filter money off by paying agents, accountants, etc, etc, using the tax they should pay, your money and mine. All those who employ them should collect this tax using PAYE. An example is someone on £300,000 should be paying about £125,000 each year, why are they not paying their share? Because some employees are from other countries the money they receive should be after paying tax here, this even if under a contract. I dread to think how much money is involved in not using the PAYE system. Do those in Government have the courage to see fair play when collecting taxes, I am not holding my breath (Oh for a none political system of Government). With the average wage in this country £31461.00p why are we still taxing those on a pension if they get 40% of that amount (remember most have paid for this and paid their tax when making their investment) fair play please.

D Winterborn, Brierly Hill

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