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LETTER: Cash alone will not solve all the problems

A reader discusses cash and the NHS.


Everyone knew health and social care needed a funding boost after years of poor governance.

A 1.25% rise in national insurance, an average of £12.5 billion a year has been made available to our health and social care system across the UK.

A pandemic wasn’t in anyone’s manifesto before the last election. Fixing health and social care has trumped not raising taxes.

I sympathise with what the current Government wants to do about health and social care. At least they have made brave decisions on resources or your tax burden.

However, without root and branch reform of bureaucracies in our NHS and local authorities, we might as well take this extra money outside and set fire to it.

Our NHS and social care system in its present form is past it, as is an outdated local authority system. We don’t live in 1948 anymore.

Ever increasing sums of taxpayers' money will not solve the existing problems. Indeed your direct and indirect tax burden will rocket over the next decade.

‘Big State’ has been made even bigger and a new addition to the massive burdensome Welfare State has been established. Ironically, by the Tories, with a health and social care levy and more huge bureaucracy.

Whatever happened to the ‘Brexit Bus’ money we were all promised? Lost in the corridors of ‘Big State’ systems if it was ever their in the first place!

It is not politicians who need courage to reform and end ‘Big State’ expansion into all our lives and subsequent soaring costs.

No, it is voters who must have the sense to elect those that can tackle problems without ‘Big State’ expansion and costs, introduce reforms and innovation, and mean it.

Doug James, Walsall

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