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LETTER: Vaccine should be compulsory

A reader discusses vaccinations.

A vaccination taking place.

I have to say I don’t always agree with what Roger Watts has to say in his letters.

But in his letter dated September 27 (an idea to keep all of us safe) Roger said that Covid-19 vaccination should be compulsory for those who are eligible. I totally agree with this, and I have to agree with his alternative proposition. Roger has come up with one of his alternatives saying that those eligible for the vaccine and who refuse it should be subject to weekly Covid checks. Saying covid-19 will only become a minor risk if pressure can be taken off the NHS through full vaccination.I also agree with the younger people 12-15 where vaccination should be made compulsory. I remember when I was that age, we had no choice. I trusted my parents, it is just common sense and also it is not being selfish to other people where Covid-19 could be passed on to others.

Perhaps our young could be taught to have more faith in our wonderful health service.

Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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