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LETTER: Baffled by the panic buyers

A reader discusses petrol panic buyers.

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Texaco Petrol station.

In 1964 to raise money for our forthcoming wedding, my wife and I spent a period of time working on the “pumps” at a filling station.

We had to pump the fuel into the cars, and take the money for it. This was in the days before “self service”.

The most popular instruction given to us was “fill it up”, and even in those days, people were rather self sufficient about their requirements.

It was fairly common to only be able to put half a gallon, or even less, into the tanks as the drivers were frightened of running out of fuel. Why do people rush to buy as much as they can, not need, when there is a threat of a shortage? Baffles me. Does it you?

If it does, all that we need to do is stop, and think. Tomorrow is another day

Peter Cole, Kingswinford

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