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LETTER: PM needs to be transparent

A reader discusses Afghanistan and Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The recent upsurge of Taliban action in Afghanistan continues to result in the evacuation of many of the country’s hardest hit to the safety of the UK. I cannot begin to imagine the desperation of some of these men, women and children, some of whom have had to walk through sewage to board an already overcrowded flight out of Kabul.

However, over in the safe haven of the UK, Boris Johnson has just announced a National Insurance tax hike of 1.25% that is set to affect some of the lowest earning workers in the country. According to the government this inflation is to fund social care and the needs of our elderly and vulnerable. Has anyone noticed this tax increase, to come into force in April 2022, has been unveiled amidst all of the uncertainties in Afghanistan?

Despite numerous media sources claiming evacuees from Kabul will get just £5 a day, I struggle to believe a penny from increased National Insurance contributions will go to our social care system. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been joining the dots.

Why can’t our prime minister just be transparent with the people who voted for him?

Vicky Bartlett, Dudley

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