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LETTER: West urgently in need of an effective leader

A reader discusses Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden

Watching Joe Biden on TV, I must say, sorry Joe, I know like myself you are getting on a bit and are therefore not as quick on the uptake as maybe you used to be but surely that must mean that you should have enjoyed a happy retirement and maybe put your feet up.

The fiasco of Afghanistan leads me to believe that the West urgently needs an effective leader in these troubled times and that Joe is perhaps the very last choice.

Even so, I also fear the prospect of his replacement as I do not think he will last his term. So over there we have a man well past his sell-by date and over here we have a clown in charge of things.

Biden was correct in asserting that the States should extricate itself from an unwinnable situation but the clever part is to do this kind of thing in as orderly fashion as possible and not in the cack-handed way employed. In politics and in life, we all have to retreat at times but really, would any thinking person cause this kind of chaos? I must say also that the area where the Brits in particular used to excel, the gathering of intelligence is quite obviously no longer the case.

Why would the intel services believe that this would not happen? It was quite obviously predictable.

Leadership in foreign policy and at home during the pandemic is beyond abysmal and I see no one in the current crop capable of leading the Free World.

Alan Etheridge, Dudley

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