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LETTER: Left shocked by barbaric act

A reader discusses animal cruelty.

Sad chocolate lab puppy hiding under chair

You only have to open a newspaper now to find, on almost every page, a report of a stabbing or shooting and cases of child and animal cruelty and neglect. It is obvious that decent people everywhere, (think front line NHS staff for example), fortunately in the majority, are having to share their world with a (fortunately in the minority at present) but nevertheless growing number of sub-humans. A typical case in point, a report on Wednesday with the heading 'puppy was thrown and beaten to death', according to the article, surrounded by a group of ‘people’. What?!

I have been trying to come up with a (printable) description for those responsible for such a heinous crime without success, so moronic scum will have to suffice. All involved in this barbaric act should hang their heads in shame, including those who witnessed it unless they are prepared to assist the RSPCA in their enquiries.

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