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LETTER: Holiday rules utter nonsense

A reader discusses holiday rules.

Platja Nova Icarie beach in Barcelona.

Nobody envies the hand Boris Johnson was dealt. It's already early August and there are just four main weeks of Summer holiday left for many in the UK. There's no time to waste, it's time for our PM to show some backbone.

We are all crying out for the simplicity of one holiday travel list. A red one only - meaning don't go there. Everywhere else is ok. Are we a free country? Yes vaccinated too! So, as long as you are vaccinated, take a test beforehand, and another on return. No quarantine, no bother at all.

Let's fly to the countries that will have us. How many families even now are still holding their breaths for the latest news on the travel 'traffic lights system' from hell? Stop, go stop stop go maybe.

It all comes down to common sense. Our current system is utter nonsense and costing the UK millions. Ruining another summer holiday season is absurd.

We all know many countries rely on tourism. Let's support our travel businesses and jobs.

Holidays now - Trade not Aid.

Doug James, Walsall

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