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LETTER: Impossible not to comment!

A reader discusses Boris Johnson.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

There are letters in the system that I really want printed but I find it impossible not to comment on Boris Johnson’s levelling up speech. It resembled the Christmas list my children used to present me with. Our Government wants this, that and the other but they want us to create it without giving us the practical tools to do it.

Spending is much more devolved in France and Germany so local authorities build substantial numbers of homes which levels up physically while our centralized Government plods on with its never ending paper exercises. Behind all the Boris baloney is the nitty gritty fact that he doesn’t want any non-Tory area to be successful. There is more hard fact in me being a genius destined to change the world than there was in Boris’s levelling up speech.

By the way twice as much will be spent enabling local authorities to cope with Brexit changes than is being put into the pot for levelling up.

Roger Watts, Walsall

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