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LETTER: Do we need to rethink the way we play football?

A reader discusses kicking technique on the football pitch.


This letter is not an indictment on any one individual but my general observation on what is happening generally.

I see these kicks being taken with the instep (not my way I may say).

Again my own opinion I feel there are three problems with this. One – this lacks the power produced as against other ways of kicking. Lack of power means that when the ball hits an object it rebounds rather than travelling on. In penalty shoot-outs one is not allowed to take advantage of a rebound.

Second – the speed at which it travels may allow a goalkeeper to move four yards while the ball is travelling 11/12yards, especially if they move right away.

Thirdly – once one has indicated which way they are aiming the ball it is difficult to change the direction of the ball.

I remember going to Villa Park to see the Villa play West Bromwich Albion, the latter had a penalty from which Ronnie Allen scored. Next day I saw Jimmy Dugdale and asked what Nigel Sims, Villa goalkeeper, said to him. Jimmy explained he was asked where Allen put his penalties, I told him "in the back of the net”.

Ronnie Allen only missed one penalty in his career (a deliberate act) he did not use the side foot action.

Do we need to rethink the way we play the game? Before anyone asks, if I could teach how to take a penalty the answer is yes (there would however be a charge!)

D Winterborn, Brierley Hill

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