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LETTER: Still too early to go without masks

A reader discusses face masks.

A man wearing a face mask among a crowd of pedestrians on Oxford Street, London.

Here we are on the brink of the biggest unmasking since Kendo Nagasaki in the 70s,and still over 20,000 people each day are reporting positive Covid tests.

People are still dying of this dreadful virus, and added that to the fact it seems, around Sandwell anyway, people think we have unmasked already. In the last few weeks in hospitality we have seen lack of social distancing, no face coverings worn and a lack of hand washing.

We are informed to “learn to live with Covid” as we do with the winter flu, but face coverings have never been required for the flu.

Regions of high Asian population seem worse affected which includes mass parts of Sandwell. So is the answer to unmask just yet? I for one would rather wear a mask than a ventilator.

The answer must be 100% vaccination and until then lets keep our faces covered.

Shaun Harrison, West Bromwich

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