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LETTER: Cummings is real Marmite character

A reader discusses Dominic Cummings.

Dominic Cummings

I would like to correct Alan’s misconstrued comments regarding the Lib Dems’ recent by-election win and Mr Cummings.

Let’s try and remove the beam in Alan’s eye first. Government’s 11 years in power, in the normal scheme of things, never win by-elections. By-elections are there for the novelty Lib Dems to promise all things to all people.

In the constituency, their flyers put through letterboxes attacked HS2, despite being enthusiastic supporters and voting for it every time the Bill came before Parliament.

If that gross hypocrisy is not bad enough, next the party that advocates a free for all open door policy with everyone welcome to this country, had the brass neck to castigate the new planning legislation going through Parliament now. Where are all these doctors, nurses and engineers coming into this country expected to live? So their whole campaign was seemingly based on a lie, misinformation and misrepresentations of saying one thing and doing another. Enough of the insincere and sanctimonious electioneering of the Lib Dems.

Although the falling out and acrimonious ‘divorce’ of Mr Cummings and Mr Johnson gave the pundits a farrago of myth and facts in the seven-hour Dom Show, with the bemused committee members doing the backing arrangements. Dom did the talk but couldn’t do the walk, by being unable to provide the promised substantiation of the verbiage and verbosity of what he was announcing. Including the minutes of the fictitious meetings that no one else attended.

Jeremy Hunt highlights the “Cummings effect” saying Cummings had made multiple moves that were “clearly mistakes” and risked undermining Public Health advice. The two trips to Durham and his return to No 10 after visiting his sick wife who had the virus, amongst others.

Unfortunately the image of the serial ‘falling outer’ that will stick with us is the 2020 revival of Spitting Image of him being portrayed as a “creepy alien with a pulsating head who drools at the prospect of eating Johnson’s baby”.

Mr Cummings is a Marmite character and apparently repeats the same behaviour of bad blood and disharmony with every politician he as worked for over the years and he ‘hung onto their coat tails’ for his success. Being so gaffe prone is going to make finding future opportunities difficult for him.

All this said with a heavy heart, sadness and disappointment. Mr Cummings had an agenda to get this country out of the stranglehold of the left-wing, woke elite running the Civil Service, education and many QUANGOS. He left much unfinished business that without his input is going to take much longer to achieve.

Keith Jones, Cradley Heath

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