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LETTER: Advice to drivers if a cat is struck

A reader discusses cats on the road.

A cat.

As the UK’s only feline road traffic accident group, Cats Matter want to raise awareness of pregnant or nursing cats that have been hit by cars during this current kitten season.

There is currently no other advice for drivers on search engines, so we feel it is important to try and get the word out as all life forms deserve a chance at survival should an accident happen.

Although cats can breed nearly all year round, kitten season tends to run from April to late autumn, so it is in full swing currently. Naturally we strongly advise cat owners to spay and neuter their cats before allowing them outside. but there will be many who do not follow ours, and all other charities advice, along with feral or stray cats roaming.

During kitten season, a cat tragically hit by a car could potentially either be pregnant, or be a nursing queen with kittens. We would always advise people to take injured and deceased cats to a veterinarian for both treatment and the scanning of microchips. so deceased cats can be reunited with their owners. There is a very small window of opportunity for vets to potentially save the kittens of a deceased mother cat. so we would urge drivers to seek help immediately even if the cat is deceased.

A nursing cat, which is either taken to the vets for treatment or due to being deceased, will have kittens close by waiting for their mother to return, when sadly she never will. Local rescue centres can help in the search for the orphaned kittens. which will ultimately save their lives. We have created a blog which we hope has all the information drivers need to potentially save numerous lives. Drivers will never be financially liable for taking an injured or deceased cat they have either ran over, or have found roadside, to a vets. and we urge drivers to spare just a little of their time to help. For more information see

The Cats Matter Team

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