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LETTER: Please help end this cruelty to our animals

I have lived in the Chadsmoor area for all of my 51 years and have had cats and domestic pets since a small child. I have never been concerned when I let my cats outside that someone would purposely inflict an act of cruelty to injure or kill them.


In November last year my two year old rescue cat went out for two hours and returned home injured and bleeding. She had been shot with a pellet gun and died during surgery; her internal injuries were horrific and without doubt she suffered. I will never be able to accept why someone would inflict such cruelty; what was she doing that was so wrong they felt the need to kill her?

In February this year a neighbour found a cat on a wall in her garden, on closer inspection the cat had been snared around the throat. The snare had embedded into the cat’s throat and the end of the snare had caught round the wall, trapping the animal for days. The cat survived after extensive surgery.

I recently read on social media that a cat had been shot and attacked in Hednesford. The cat managed to return home and died while in the care of the vets.

I have always believed the area I live in is a community where we try to look after our neighbours. We accept we don’t all share the same views or like the same things and at times we irritate each other but we don’t inflict acts of cruelty and kill domestic pets. But sadly someone is.

In a time where kindness has never been more prevalent I urge people to report these barbaric individuals to the police, they are breaking the law and causing unnecessary suffering and pain. Ask yourself, if they are capable of shooting an animal, what else are they capable of?

Elsie Cooke, Chadsmoor

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