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LETTER: Enjoy the great English weather

A reader shares a poem about the weather.

People enjoying the weather.

English Weather

It’s June and it’s lovely! Fine warm and sunny,

On days like this don’t worry about money.

Troubles will come they don’t go away,

But try to enjoy a great summer day.

Summer will come to its close, but never fear autumn is great,

Just wrap up warm it’s not too late.

September skies are really blue!

The sunsets they are scenic too.

Every season has its beauty,

Nuts and bramble jelly, fruity!

Winter now a little chilly,

Put socks back on, don’t be silly!

We’ve had weeks of bare legs and toes

It can’t last forever, as everyone knows

Enjoy each day whatever it brings

Trees, sunsets and when the blackbird sings.

Josephine Hickens, Wolverhampton

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