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To quote the famous Mr John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious”, but it is.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson Prime Minister, Donald Trump President. And once the predominantly Conservative media and their PR people have done their jobs, they will try and convince us that they are the right people needed to run our countries!

But let’s not lose sight of what is happening around us. The last 10 years or so have been nothing but cuts, cuts, cuts, and now everything is to the bare-bone; the damage has been done to our everyday lives, our communities, the emergency services, social care, social housing, schools, the fiasco of universal credits, suddenly we are being promised millions of pounds to put things right!

But when you have cut to the bare-bone, as many of us know, it takes longer and more money to put things right.

I ask myself where have they found this money they keep quoting and try not to be taken in by all this hype around Conservative politics at the moment.

I look to our streets, our care in the community, everything that affects our daily lives. The class system is getting wider and wider, the ordinary people, the ‘working class’, are the backbone of society, not Canary Wharf, and without our contributions the cogs of finance/industry would not work. I am really trying hard not to lose faith in our British democracy, but as time goes on it is getting harder and harder.

Mrs Y Blower, Copthorne

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