Labour’s shocking dysfunction

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Dysfunction at the top of the Labour Party is becoming as shocking as the growing delusion amongst the Conservatives.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

It’s interesting how John McDonnell seems to be feeling the pain of Labour’s astonishing failure to comprehensively deal with anti-semitism and its failure to campaign for a Final Say vote on Brexit.

Perhaps he is also troubled by Jeremy Corbyn’s ideological stubbornness, and the damaging influence that doctrinaire aide Seumas Milne and others seem to have on the leader.

It’s clear that Corbyn is acting as a roadblock to those who wish to successfully oppose Brexit and the recklessness that is right-wing Toryism.

He does not do what he should, and proposes to do all manner of things that he should not. It has to be said that Boris Johnson in Downing Street would be preferable to Jeremy Corbyn, though admittedly that could be compared to the choice between a day of root canal surgery, and two whole days of it.

Sadly, Corbyn needs to go, the experiment has failed.

Young people who elected him thought they were getting a fresh approach to politics, not a mid-20th century style quasi-Marxist who would stand by as they lose their EU citizenship and are doomed to continued damaging Conservative rule.

Whilst it is something of a cliche to bemoan Corbyn’s abiding warmth towards the appalling Venezuelan Marxist regime, and the agonies that it brings upon its own people, it is useful to reflect for a few minutes on that particular absurdity. It probably tells us all we need to know about Jeremy Corbyn.

If Labour can return to reality as the Conservatives conclusively depart from it, there may be some hope for the future. A United Kingdom remaining in the EU, and investing in its people, infrastructure and industry, is the way forward.


These are old Labour values, one might say old one-nation Conservative values as well.

We must not lose sight of hope and common sense, as the Corbyn disappointment continues, at least for now, and as the Boris Johnson magical mystery tour almost certainly gets under way.

John Gemmell, Wem

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