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I have screamed and cursed at the radio, papers and TV long enough now; there is a need to re-blog and release my pent up frustration and emotion for you to either agree with or scream and curse back at.

Theresa May

Our politicians can only be breathing different air to us mere mortals, because I am totally exhausted and bemused by the explanation of Brexit. I don’t know the answer to “should we be leaving or not?”, and, “are we better off, in or out?”. But our best policy needs to be a positive approach, and to apply whatever exit strategy we decide upon, to our best advantage.

We constantly listen to our correspondents and news people concerning themselves with whether our Prime Minister’s career be doomed and if Jeremy Corbyn should smarten himself up or not. MPs should be focusing on the job in hand, a safe and orderly withdrawal from Europe, because squabble as they may, the truth is, the civil service runs the show, so let’s get on with it.

A great many international issues are out there too, President Trump, to mention one! So as we cuddle, groom, mistreat and neglect our 40 million pets in this country we are now told we have overfed them, so we now have pet obesity! This of course, makes headline news and we have to know about it, and to ‘celebritise’ some young person who gets paid to become a personal trainer to the fattest dog in the world. So, I ask, how can we afford to feed our pets whilst complain about our NHS, late payment of Universal Credit and queue at the food bank? Come on!

To cap it off, whilst we are stuffing ourselves with pizza and chips, 20 million men women and children are starving in Yemen, where those kids would give their left hand for scraps left over by our favourite pooch.

Let’s hope that those responsible for this suffering are refused access to our free hospitals when their arteries clog up.

Barry Jones, Shrewsbury

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