Fed up with Brexit whingers who don’t know how EU works

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I am completely fed up with these Brexit whingers and moaners who keep putting letters in the Shropshire Star. It is quite obvious most of these people do not have any idea of how the European Union works.

They seem to forget this is a legal entity in which we participated in the treaties over the years and most of these treaties of any importance have fallen under a Conservative government.

They make no mention of the Ukip MEPs who they elected over the years, and who then sat on their hands did nothing to forward requirements of the United Kingdom and Europe other than to blame it for everything from influenza to ecological national disasters but still took the salary and expenses, and now after doing nothing all these years expect and will get their pensions.

Also the Conservative MEPs who did not technically want to be in Europe but the pay was good and they went along with everything proposed. The rest of our MEPs are a mixed bunch but at least tried to make some change.

They then come back and say everything is down to the commissioners telling us what to do, but we have commissioners which are appointed by the elected government of the day.

I have been negotiating all my life and from 1964 until 2014 it was part of my day-to-day employment. I knew that negotiations would be extremely difficult and possibly fall because these whingers were not allowing genuine negotiations by trying to limit the freedom of the negotiators to do their job.

They should realise that the time that you comment on the outcome of the deliberations is at the end of negotiations when it would only be right and proper for the general public to have a say on the outcome of their original instructions to government.

Robert Murray, Sutton Hill

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