Whinging Remainers made Brexit talks 10 times tougher

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Steve Boyd of the European Movement (that movement being backward of course), has inherited the talent of many of the remaining whingers – the ability to foretell the future, (while ignoring the past).

According to the national press, TV and radio even Theresa May does not yet know the final outcome of Brexit but Steve does and he believes it will leave the UK worse off.

He mentions the NHS and the PM’s decision to fund it via the Brexit dividend, but fails to mention that the EU was anti-NHS from day one or that the EU’s Working Time Directive was specifically introduced to ruin the NHS – and that it is working.

Steve and these perpetually-whinging Remainers will not accept that Heath and our incompetent politicians, encouraged and patronised by the House of Lords, the CBI, the Civil Service and the BBC took Britain into the worst deal in the history of the world or that we have been robbed every day since.

Does any other member pay £350 million every single week? Can you justify why we, one of 28-member states pay 12.5 per cent of the EU’s total income? You must accept that, one day this scandalous membership fee will cease and will be available to use on whatever we want.

You must also agree that the totally unpatriotic whinging Remainers have made the PM’s Brexit negotiations 10 times more difficult, amusing the rest of Europe and pleasing the greedy politicians and peers waiting for their EU pension, which, of course, will be awarded by the EU but paid for by you and I.

Recently I wrote about the British Empire and its international success against the EU’s economic, political and fiscal and farcical failure. Tell that to your EU Movement Members Mr Boyd – all four of them.

Bob Wydell, Oswestry


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