Shropshire Star

'Speed bumps in roads just a waste of time and money'

I found myself smiling at the headline regarding the “Freeze and Potholes Crisis” (Shropshire Star, March 19)

Problem potholes

The article mentioned the highways department having to “work flat out” to carry out the very urgent and necessary repair work.

I’m smiling in disbelief because, during the last few days, the “Highways Improvement” team spent three days installing numerous sets of two or three speed bump pads across roads around Dawley. There may even be more planned.

Referring to Old Vicarage Road and New Road; these are very short roads and quite congested by parked vehicles; speeding did occur, as it does on any other road, but to a lesser extent than on many other roads.

These speed bump pads have created more danger than there was before their installation.

Parked vehicles close to the pad means that to pass with a car, aligned at centre to the pad, the driver is unable to use the left hand pad and the central pad is also somewhat difficult.

There is therefore the temptation to drive the car on the wrong side of the road to pass centrally and more easily over the right hand pad.

The pads also serve no use whatsoever in reducing the speed of speeding motorcyclists, they ride without slowing through the gaps between the pads anyway.

The installation of these pads does not appear to have been thought through properly, a ridiculous decision and a waste of time, energy and money that could better have been used as a contribution to the pothole repair fund

D Lloyd