Shropshire Star

We must secure Charles Darwin's legacy – Shrewsbury's future lies in its past

It was good to read the article (Shropshire Star, February 6) concerning the birthplace of Charles Darwin and of the efforts which are being made to secure it on behalf of the town.

Charles Darwin

I agree with the comments of the Mayor Jane McKenzie. No matter where you go in the world, the mention of Shrewsbury is usually returned with a blank stare, but when you mention Charles Darwin there is instant recognition.

Shrewsbury is a lovely town but in recent years it has been sidelined and is slowly dying.

The railway was probably the biggest employer in the town until the early sixties when both the GWR and LMS motive power depots closed. The marshalling yards at Coton Hill, Crewe Bank, Harlescott and Coleham have gone, H M Prison no longer exists as a prison.

The sorting office, county court and magistrates courts have gone. The prospect of employment for our young people is dire.

The one thing which Shrewsbury can exploit to its advantage is it's history. You could say it's future lies in it's past.

Charles Darwin is very much part of this and securing his birthplace for the town must not be missed and would be a big step forward in raising his profile and that of the town.

Good luck to the Mayor and to her efforts to put the legacy of Charles Darwin where it belongs. In Shrewsbury.

The government body which currently has ownership of the property must realise its importance to the town of Shrewsbury, and one would like to think that when the property changes hands the priority will be given to Shrewsbury Town Council - or is that too much to hope for?

S G Rowlands