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Anger as residents claim they weren't told about new number plate cameras by their homes

Residents near a school are up in arms over the way a new 'safety camera' system is being installed near their homes.

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Residents objecting to council 'failure to consult' over new school safety cameras in Bridgnorth - Conduit Lane.

People in the Conduit Lane area of Bridgnorth say Shropshire Council did not consult them before installing the posts for new automatic number plate cameras for a School Street in their area.

The council strenuously denies the claims, stating that survey forms were delivered in the autumn of 2022 to inform residents of its intention to implement a School Street at this site near Castlefields School.

Beverley Jones, who lives in Conduit Lane, said residents had concerns about such a scheme which would severely restrict traffic at the start and end of each school day, and could lead, she claimed, to risks from drivers performing dangerous turns.

There are also concerns that care workers 'could be banned from making visits' at certain times and residents receiving £70 fines.

Mrs Jones said: "We were told that we would have a consultation prior to any work but poles have been erected for the cameras and we have not had a consultation."

Last week Mrs Jones received a letter from the council dated January 29 saying the council wrote to them last year about it and were now going ahead with a pilot scheme in April, based on a 'consultation' she claims did not happen.

"It is about safer streets for children but we have never had a child run over in the 28 years I've been here, or in 54 years that others remember," said Mrs Jones.

"The council don't clear ice and snow from the roads so there is more risk from that."