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County Conservatives give their backing to £1.5 million bus booster

Local Conservatives have welcomed nearly £1.5 million of Government investment in bus services.

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Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski says the Government has invested £1,490,492 to protect public transport services across Shropshire out of a total of £80 million.

Mr Kawczynski says the funding will support 64 local authorities including Shropshire Council which builds on the £80 million of Bus Services Improvement Plan+ (BSIP+) funding for 2022-23 and £1 billion investment for bus services in 2022.

He says the Conservative Government has invested £3.5 billion in bus services since 2020, protecting and improving bus travel and helping people save money on public transport.

He says the funding means people across the Shropshire Council area have benefitted from a total of £2,980,984 in funding from the Conservative Government to support bus services since 2022.

It comes on top of a further £140 million announced in May from the extension of the Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG), says the MP, taking the total to continue supporting and protecting bus services across England to £300 million into 2025.

The Conservative Government has also invested £200 million to extend the bus fare cap, with single bus tickets capped at £2 outside London until the end of October 2023 and then at £2.50 until 30 November 2024.

Mr Kawczynski said: "Many people rely on bus services across Shrewsbury and Atcham to get to work or to see family and friends.

"That is why the Conservative Government have invested £3.5 billion in bus services since 2020, including an extra £1,490,492 for services across the Shropshire Council area.

"This funding will protect essential services and enhance transport connections, supporting people to get where they need to go with public transport they can rely on."

Roads Minister Richard Holden MP said: "We are providing a further £80 million to help local authorities improve and protect essential services, delivering for local communities across the country by enhancing transport connections, supporting passengers and growing the economy."

Stuart Anderson, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in South Shropshire has also welcomed the move.

He also welcomed recent statistics which show that bus fares in rural England have dropped by 11 per cent - thanks to the Government’s £2 fare cap, set up to help people with the cost of living save on everyday travel costs.

Mr Anderson said: “I am delighted that Shropshire is set to benefit from an extra £1.4 million to improve local bus services.

"We have also benefitted from the £2 fare cap, which has cut travel costs – especially in rural areas, where buses are vital for people to get around.

"This reflects the Government’s ongoing commitment to levelling up transport connectivity in rural areas and is complemented by its long-term approach to protecting and improving bus services, totalling £3.5 billion since 2020. This will help to keep fares down and maintain services that may otherwise be unviable.”

Roads Minister Richard Holden said: “Our ‘Get Around for £2’ scheme has slashed overall bus fares for millions across England, as we continue to help people save money on travel, boost transport connections and grow the economy. Whether you want to visit loved ones, head to work or attend a medical appointment, taking the bus continues to be a vital link for people to get around.”