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More people were injured in e-scooter collisions in Shropshire region, figures show

A rising number of people have been injured in collisions involving e-scooters in the policing regions including Shropshire and Powys.

Escooters are only allowed on public land in some trail areas. In other public areas, their use is illegal

The RAC Foundation said the rise in e-scooter injuries across Great Britain reveals "real life" frequent use of the vehicles is getting ahead of e-scooter trials and legislation.

Police across Shropshire have repeatedly warned that the use of the e-scooters on public land is not allowed. The number of casualties involved in such collisions in the policing region are low but are increasing.

Department for Transport figures show 12 casualties were recorded by West Mercia Police last year. It was up from three in 2021 and an increase to the two years prior.

Across the border Department for Transport figures show three casualties were recorded by Dyfed-Powys Police last year. It was in line with 2021 while no casualties were recorded two years prior.

West Mercia follows the overall trend across Great Britain where there is an ever-rising number of e-scooter casualties while Dyfed Powys, in being static, does not.

Last year there was a total of 1,458 casualties involving e-scooters – up slightly from 1,434 in 2021 and a leap from 484 in 2020.