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Border town residents and visitors give the thumbs up to plans for 20mph default in Wales

More and more 20mph zones are being created - near schools and in residential areas.

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BORDER COPYRIGHT SHROPSHIRE STAR STEVE LEATH 22/03/2023..Pics in Chirk, Vox on Welsh road speeds. Pictured is: Margaret Evans and Muriel Hill..

In Wales from September, roads that are currently under a 30mph limit will - with some exceptions - become 20mph areas.

The Welsh Government says it is making the change to reduce the number of collisions and severe injuries from them. It also wants to reduce the impact on the NHS from treating the people who are injured and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

It is not yet known whether this will mean 30mph limits for main roads such as the A483 through Pant and Llanymynech, near Oswestry, or the Holyhead Road through Chirk will stay or change.

But most roads will see reduced speeds.

In Chirk the general consensus was that reducing the limit to 20 is a good idea.

Bridget Drukker..

Bridget Drukker said the 20mph was already much needed in Black Park,just outside Chirk.

"It is an area that has amenity land across the road from houses. There are children living there and also older people - who find it very difficult to cross the road," she said.

Ian Pierce, 58, said it was a great idea.

"My only worry is that they won't give enough time for motorists to go from 60 to 40 to 20. Drivers will be going up and down their gears all the time."

Owner of the Lucky Man shop in Corwen, Tony Evans, said: "It's brilliant. People drive through Corwen so fast they don't see anything. Trying to cross the road is impossible. If you are in such a hurry that 20 miles an hour is too slow there is something wrong."

Ethan Gilbert..

Photographer Ethan Gilbert,17, who is applying for his provisional licence said: "I think for younger drivers it will be much easier to get used to the 20 miles an hour speed. But I think it is going to be very hard for the older drivers who are so used to 30 miles an hour."

Fliss Matthews and Steve Rainton..

Friends Steve Rainton and Fliss Mathews were enjoying lunch at Caffi Wylfa in Chirk after cycling across the border from England.

Steve said the lower speed might help cyclists.

"The problem I find is that drivers simply don't see cyclists," he said.

"But I suppose if they are driving at a slower speed they may be more aware of cyclists and pedestrians."

Fliss, who grew up in Manchester, said: "Kids used to play out on the roads outside their homes and if a car was driving it would slow down for them to get out of the way. That just doesn't happen any more.

"However, where low traffic zones have come in there has been a lot of opposition from residents."

Margaret Evans and Muriel Hill..

Also in Caffi Wylfa were local resident, Margaret Evans and her niece, Muriel Hill from Hertfordshire.

Muriel said: "I think that the 20 mile an hour limit is a good idea for a lot of places. But one size doesn't fit all and it simply won't work on every road that is 30 miles an hour now. There are lots of roads were 30 is a safe speed."

"I don't drive but I have noticed how fast some drivers go," Margaret said.

"It is so difficult to cross the road in Chirk."