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The 'fair' petrol stations serving Shropshire that are thought to be among the UK's cheapest

Two of the cheapest fuel stations in the country are serving Shropshire's drivers, latest figures suggest.

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Griffiths Garage in Leintwardine which has some of the lowest fuel prices in the country

Though they’ve crept down a little, fuel prices remain high. But two garages supplying Shropshire are offering petrol for as little as 137.9p per litre.

Staff at DA Roberts Fuel and Garage post their prices on Facebook daily. Last week, at 137.9p per litre for unleaded, and 159.9p per litre of diesel, the Whitchurch station was hard to beat.

Finance manager Ricky Allman, who has worked at the site for seven years, says he is yet to see a petrol station with lower prices.

“We have had a few customers say we might be the cheapest in the country,” he said.

A sight for sore eyes. Fuel prices at DA Roberts, Whitchurch. Photo: DA Roberts

“I don’t know of anywhere cheaper than this myself.

“At the moment, we’re selling fuel around 30 pence per litre cheaper than most petrol stations.

“Some drivers are saving around £20 to £25 each time, but there are also factors like the size of the engine and the distance someone might be driving each day.”

Asked if the prices might drop further, Mr Allman said: “They are pretty low at the moment, but it does depend on the fuel market – the price we buy fuel for changes every day, so our prices change depending on that. Whatever the margin is, we aim to keep the cost as low as possible for our customers.”

The Whitchurch station, which sees customers from ‘the other side of Stoke’, collects the fuel from a refinery themselves.

Mr Allman said: “If we find out the price is going up tomorrow, we’ll go and collect the fuel from the refinery today before the price goes up. That way, we can sell it to customers tomorrow for the same low price.

“A lot of our customers say they’re fed up with chain supermarkets that aren’t passing the savings on. Prices are high at the moment and people want to save wherever they can, especially with Christmas coming up.

“We just want to pass on fair prices.”

Looking out the window, Ricky said there were 17 cars waiting to fill up, and that they serve up to 1,500 people daily. With so many cars passing through, he reminds drivers to stay safe on the forecourt.

Essar at Griffiths Garage, Leintwardine, is also keeping prices low – last week they were advertising 139.9p per litre for unleaded, and 162.9p per litre for diesel.

Director Alex Griffiths said: “I only know of one other site that is offering slightly lower prices, but we are not pricing against any other sites. We do our best to offer a fair price, it all depends on the fuel market. It’s difficult to call as it varies pretty wildly, but as prices have been on a downwards trajectory for the past couple of weeks, it looks like we will be sticking around the 138.9p mark for petrol and maybe even go down to 158.0p for diesel. I’m surprised the government hasn’t got involved with price control and ensure there’s proper competition.

“Big companies are able to charge what they want because they’re not being challenged.”