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Cheapest fuel prices in Shropshire after diesel costs go up by more than 10p in one month

Diesel prices in Shropshire have gone up by more than 10p in the last month, adding around £5 to the cost of filling a typical family car.

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Fuel prices rose in October, was huge increases in the cost of diesel

On Thursday the RAC said the average price of diesel had risen from 180.4p per litre to 190.5p per litre during October - the third biggest monthly fuel price rise on record.

The average price of petrol rose by nearly 4p per litre last month, from 162.7p to 166.4p.

However in Shropshire, diesel has leapt 12p per litre.

According to, on Sunday afternoon the cheapest diesel price in the region was 181.7p. One month ago it was 169.9p.

The price of unleaded has also risen, with a best price on November 5 of 155p compared to 147.6p a month earlier, although most retailers in early October were charging prices from 153.9p upwards.

Price hikes began in the early part of October when oil producing group Opec+ agreed to cut production by two million barrels a day which led to a 7 per cent increase in oil prices. The weaker pound also made wholesale petrol and diesel more expensive.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “After three months of falling pump prices, October was a severe shock to the system for drivers with the unwelcome return of some scary numbers on forecourt totems.

“Those with diesel vehicles suffered most with 10p being added to the cost of a litre in what was the third worst monthly increase on record, but petrol car drivers also saw a 4p-a-litre increase across the country.

“The fear now, particularly for diesel drivers, is whether the average price of a litre is heading back to that record of 199.09p which made a full tank cost more than £109. Looking at the wholesale market, we strongly hope the price should stabilise.

"And those with petrol cars should actually see forecourt prices start to go slightly the other way as the wholesale cost of unleaded appears to have peaked – at least for the time being – in mid-October.”

Cheapest petrol in Shropshire

  • Texaco Mere Motors, Church Street, Ellesmere - 155p

  • Essar Griffiths Garage, High Street, Leintwardine - 155.9p

  • Shell Victoria Garage, Newport Road, Whitchurch - 156.9p

  • Essar Grindley Brook Garage (DA Roberts), Chester Road, Whitchurch - 156.9p

  • Murco Four Crosses Filling Station, Holyhead Road, Bicton - 157.9p

  • Essar Mount Service Station, The Mount, Shrewsbury - 158.9p

  • Texaco Hardings Garage, A490, Guilsfield, Welshpool - 158.9p

  • Essar Nesscliffe Service Station, Hollyhead Road, Nesscliffe - 159.9p

  • Texco Robinson and Young Service Station, Shrewsbury Road, Wem - 159.9p

  • Esso RSS, Sycamore View, Prees Heath - 159.9p

Cheapest diesel in Shropshire

  • Asda, Southwater Way, Telford - 181.7p

  • Asda, St Georges Road, Donnington Wood - 181.7p

  • Essar Griffiths Garage, High Street, Leintwardine - 181.9p

  • Sainsbury's, Colliers Way, Telford - 181.9p

  • Shell Victoria Garage, Newport Road, Whitchurch - 182.9p

  • Tesco, Wrekin Retail Park, Telford - 182.9p

  • Asda, Old Potts Way, Shrewsbury - 183.7p

  • Morrisons, Whitchurch Road, Shrewsbury - 183.7p

  • Sainsbury's, Hereford road, Shrewsbury - 183.9p

  • Tesco, Battlefield Road, Shrewsbury - 183.9p