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Shropshire Council under fire again over pothole claims

Shropshire Council has once again come under fire for the way it deals with residents' claims for pothole damage.

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Councillor Heather Kidd on Little Weston Road

Heather Kidd, Councillor for Chirbury and Worthen, has strongly criticised the authority over its poor road maintenance and handling of claims.

"I am getting increasingly annoyed with the attitude of Shropshire Council and its insurers to valid claims made by members of the public who have had their vehicles damaged by potholes," she said.

"The standard tactic now is to dismiss claims irrespective of their validity or the damage done. Its seems that their sole aim is to save money and not deal with their claims fairly.

"I know of many instances where potholes have been reported to them by myself or others and left for months un-repaired and yet they have the temerity to turn down residents claims for damage inflicted by the same hole.

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"What makes the situation worse is the council's inability to manage their contractors properly."

Councillor Kidd said many claims are for serious damage such as tyres, wheels and steering being ruined.

Five cars on the B4386 suffered significant damage on one potholes in the space of five days, she said.

Councillor Kidd added: "Shropshire Council needs to realise that this sort of behaviour only brings them into disrepute with the public. It needs to own up to its responsibilities and deal fairly and objectively with all residents' claims."