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Is this the Midlands' worst pothole riddled road?

Potholes are becoming such a problem in Shifnal that they are a risk to lives, residents have claimed.

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Residents are concerned about potholes in Shifnal

They say potholes along High Street and Broadway have already caused damage to tyres, and it's only a matter of time before something worse happens.

George Gardner, who lives in High Street, said his biggest concern was for cyclists.

Malcolm Evans and George Gardner

The 83-year-old former carpenter said there was a noticeable difference between driving in the Shropshire Council area and elsewhere.

"Somebody will go along on the bike, swerve to miss a pothole and go into a car," he said.


"It could be fatal. All I'm trying to do is save lives. It's getting worse. Ask anybody.

"It can damage your car, but I'm thinking of cyclists.

"Once you get out of Shropshire, you can tell when you're in Wales. The roads are better."

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Jamie Middler-Price said nearby Aston Street is a particularly bad road but that there are several routes riddled with potholes.

"I live in Shifnal. There have been major problems with potholes in Shifnal, the roads are unbelievably bad," he said.

George Gardner, Malcolm Evans and Ken Bennett

"I have had two flat tyres, they have ruined my tyres. They are dangerous.

"If you're on a bike and you hit these things you could come off and be killed by a passing driver."

He said he had reported some of the potholes more than six weeks ago.