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Peace activist calls on Shropshire councillors to announce "immediate ceasefire" views over Gaza horrors

A campaigning resident is calling on Shropshire councillors to state whether there should be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.


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Tim Robbins, from Pant, near Oswestry has launched a website to create a public record of which councillors who are calling for an immediate ceasefire to "end the genocide" in Gaza.

Mr Robbins and the site also condemned the actions of Hamas in Israel on October 7.

"It's a matter of principle, not local politics," said Mr Robbins. "We wouldn't want to vote for someone with such extreme views no matter how good their pledges are for their constituency.

"So I wrote to every councillor in Shropshire asking if they were in favour of an immediate ceasefire and made a list of those who have replied, "yes".

"I have had replies that aren't a yes, they don't go "bold" unless they say yes. I'm not accepting ifs and buts and other waffle - if you want kids to stop being massacred, say yes, otherwise you can't join the yes club, basically."

He added: "I'm sure there are people who don't give a monkeys about the ethnic cleansing in Gaza and would probably vote for Pol Pot if he promised to fix all the potholes in their town, which is fine, they can ignore the list.

"The list is for anyone who feels strongly about the morals of the candidates as well as their policies and I appreciate that it won't be for everyone - I'm expecting quite a few people to take the time and trouble to tell me they are not interested in my list!

"I still haven't had responses from everybody yet but as councillors reply, I amend the website so there is still time for them to let their feelings be known should they wish to."

He wrote to 74 Shropshire councillors on March 11 this year and asked them if they thought there should be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. So far, seven councillors have replied, all also condemning Hamas' actions.

He added: "A lot of my friends, in fact all of those with whom I have spoken, can't understand why anyone would not condemn a genocide let alone want to belong to a political party that actually endorses one.

"A few of us were chatting one night and decided it would be good to know which local councillors would like to see an immediate ceasefire in Gaza because none of us want to vote for someone who thinks genocide is acceptable."

"When all this horror has blown over, people will be able to see which councillors were definitely against it and this might help them choose their candidate."

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