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Approval recommended for gypsy family home plans

Councillors will be asked to approve plans to allow for a gypsy family to live on land in a village.

Shropshire Council's Northern Planning Committee will decide on the proposal

Shropshire Council's Northern Planning Committee will consider the application, for a site in Hollinwood, near Whixall, at its meeting tomorrow.

The proposal, from Mr and Mrs G. Watton, requests for change of use for the land, to the north of Platt Lane, to allow it to be used as a residential caravan site – with two caravans, only one of which can be static.

The application also requests permission for hardstanding, to build a dayroom building, and install a package treatment plant.

A report from Shropshire Council planning officer Richard Denison states: "The proposed day room will provide an open plan kitchen, sitting and dining room, with a utility and bathroom. The building will measure 9.2 metres wide by 6.4 metres deep with an eaves height of 2.2 metres and ridge height of 4.4 metres.

"The building will be constructed from red brick with a dark grey roof tile. The existing access will be used whilst the site will be made secure with post and rail fencing with wire mesh covering and additional hedgerow planting. The existing boundary trees and hedgerow will remain."

Mr Denison said the application is to be considered by the planning committee because Whixall Parish Council is opposed to the plan, and has a view which "cannot reasonably be overcome by negotiation or the imposition of planning conditions".

None of Shropshire Council's departments asked to comment on the proposals have objected, but the parish council has called for the plans to be turned down.

Mr Denison's report states: "Whixall Parish Council object to the planning application as Whixall Parish has open countryside designation and because this application is for the construction of a permanent structure with associated services, the parish council views this application as being no different to an application to build a house in this location."

There have been 28 letters of objection to the proposal, and 19 letters in support.

Mr Denison said the personal circumstances of the applicants were considerations in recommending approval for the plan.

He said: "Mr Watton is from Whixall having lived with his parents for many years and works locally as a self-employed tree surgeon providing a service within the local community.

"The applicants and their children currently live on a gypsy caravan site at Manor House Lane, Prees."

He added: "The Watton family have outgrown their existing pitch. The utility room is too small and only large enough to contain a washing machine and dryer. There is a separate bathroom and toilet building, but no kitchen or family dining area. Mrs Watton suffers from severe arthritis which restricts her mobility and needs a dayroom where all the facilities for day-to-day living are contained within a single building which can be properly insulated and heated.

"The mobile home only contains minimal kitchen and bathroom facilities and are generally inadequate size to accommodate a freezer and are constructed of materials which do not tolerate vibration from washing machines and dryers."

Issuing his conclusion Mr Denison states: "On balance it is considered that the scheme is appropriate in its scale, design and location and relation to the specific requirements and personal circumstances of the applicants need that it complies with the adopted policies.

"The development of the site will not result in any visual impact on the landscape and will replicate similar development on the edge of Hollinwood and within the Parish of Whixall.

"The proposed access will not result in any highway safety issues, whilst the use would not result in any impact on residential amenity or impact on any boundary trees or ecology."

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