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Anger after Young Conservative politician claims 'Welsh people have lower IQs'

A Young Conservative has spectacularly shot herself herself in the foot by claiming Welsh people "have lower IQs" in a social media video.

The Young Conservative posted on Instagram

Jasmin Cogin failed to be elected as a local councillor in Cardiff in 2022 but in a video has said "tough to find someone who is intellectually on my level".

In an Instagram story the 23-year-old said: "Does anyone get really frustrated at how uninspiring and how uncreative and how boring people generally are?

"I just don't understand. I mean, obviously I predominantly spend all of my time – the majority of my time in Cardiff now because of my job – and I find it so tough to find someone who is intellectually on my level and who is actually witty and inspired and incredibly driven.

"Like, people are just so OK with mediocrity in Wales and it's vile to be around. It's disgusting."

Ms Cogin stood for Conservatives and came fifth in a seat in the Cyncoed ward, with 737 votes.

Cardiff Liberal Democrat group leader Councillor Rodney Berman told LBC: "The fact the Tories selected someone like this as a candidate standing in a ward where she might feasibly have been elected shows how out of touch they are with people in our capital city.

"I'm sure the people of Cyncoed will be grateful to know that they rejected someone who clearly sneers at them as one of their elected representatives.

"Cardiff is in desperate need of an effective opposition to Welsh Labour, but it is abundantly clear that won't come from the Conservatives.

"The Liberal Democrats are proud to serve the people of Cardiff and these derogatory attitudes towards the people of our city deserve a full public apology from the Conservative Party."

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